Welcome From CCCC President

Matt Milligan

A seed is a very interesting object of God’s creation. One tiny seed contains everything necessary for the new life that springs from it. All the blueprints and raw material of the parent tree or flower is already present in one of its seeds. The local church is similar. As Congregationalists, we understand more than most that each local church has the full presence and power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing more that is needed to fully express in our communities the risen Christ which exists in every congregation.

A church may be newly planted or closing its doors after years of service, experiencing a time of prosperity or enduring the hardship of struggles. Through it all we have everything we need to carry out the Father’s mission and extend the kingdom of the Lord Jesus right in our midst.

This is one of the things that excites me most about the CCCC and our current direction. As I have been participating the last several years in the work of the Board of Directors, Guiding Coalition and the church multiplication hub in the Twin Cities, I see a real passion in our conference for seeing that power and presence of Christ expressed to its fullest in all our churches. If our Seven Guiding Values describe the core characteristics we feel should be present in Christ’s churches, our organizational emphasis on regional and community structures that continue to develop show our heart for facilitating the unique incarnation of those values in every local church.

Why is Jesus in our community? What does he want to do here through his church? As a church planter, I have had to ask these questions directly, but these are important questions for every church. As Conference leaders we will continue to make sure that these questions remain a driving force for all we do, so that the presence of the risen Jesus in each of our churches can be powerfully demonstrated to a world that needs him so badly. We will work this year at removing any obstacles and facilitating necessary systems so that our Conference can continue to faithfully answer those questions at every point in our churches’ lives. All to the fullest extent and for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“The field is the world, and the good seed is the sons of the kingdom.” – Jesus

Matt Milligan, Conference President