CCCC Regional Fellowships

Maine Association of Congregational Christian and Community Churches
Moderator: Rev. Richard Freeman
Meets Last Saturday in September and Second Saturday in May and holds prayer breakfasts in September, November and March.

Vermont Fellowship
Moderator & Area Rep:  Rev. Tim Sargent
Meets once in the fall and spring.
Pastor’s Group meets every other month.

New England Congregational Christian Fellowship
Moderator: Rev. Tim Dubeau
This regional fellowship offers conferences and conversation to support the passion and growth of ministers and churches primarily throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Please visit our website for more information.

Greater Hudson Valley Congregational Fellowship
Moderator: Rev. James Hale
Meets annually in the spring.
Area Rep: Rev. Tom Bridgman

NYC Pastors Fellowship
Moderator & Area Rep:Rev. Kirk Van De Swaagh

CC Community Churches of Western NY And PA
Moderator: Rev Gerald Haglund
Annual Banquet In November.
Area Rep: Pastor Dick Hamilton

Eastern PA Congregational Fellowship
Moderator (President): Dr Sharon Anderson
Meets every six weeks; meeting places rotate among participating churches
Area Rep Rev Dave McKinley:

Allegheny Fellowship of the CCCC
Moderator/Area Rep: Rev Jim Bertoti

Mid Atlantic CCCC Regional Fellowship
Moderator: Rev Sterling Brown
Meets The Third Saturday In October
Area Rep Rev Jerry Kilyk

Ohio Association of the CCCC Churches
Moderator: Rev John Hood
Next meeting Nov 6, Marian, OH , Spring and Winter Banquet
Area Rep Rev Steve Carmany

CCCC of Michigan
Moderator: Rev David Balicki
Area Rep Rev Gary Evans

Wisconsin Fellowship of CCCC Churches
Moderator (President) Rev Rick Hopkins
Meets Every Other Month Except In The Summer , Second Tuesday 10-12
Area Rep Rev Keith Hunholz

Northern Illinois Regional Fellowship of the CCCC
Moderator: Lynn H. Cate
Next Meeting, Saturday Oct 9 Community Church Of Round Lake
Area Rep Rev Bob Schroeder

Iowa Fellowship of the CCCC
Moderator/ Area Rep Rev Brad Zinnecker

Upper Midwest Congregational Fellowship
Moderator: Rev Jeff Holton
Meets In October, And Spring Fellowship Dinner
Area Rep Rev Dan Peterson

Central Midwest Congregational Fellowship
Moderator /Area Rep Rev Larry Towne

Great Plains Congregational Fellowship
Moderator Mr. Sherrill Ungerecht
Meet every other month, Conference in July
Area Rep John Fanella

Rocky Mt Congregational Fellowship
Moderator: Rev Bob Strauch
Area Rep Rev Carl Rogers

High Plains Fellowship of the CCCC
Western NE, Eastern WY

Moderator (President) Rev Doug Rupp
Area Rep Rev Dale H Brown

Pacific Northwest Fellowship of the CCCC
Area Rep Rev Dean Walker
Four Districts- Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise.

Pacific Southwest- Southern California Association
Meets at Plymouth Church, Whittier
Area Rep Stephen Sloat