Statement Regarding the Charismatic Movement

Frequently, the Board of Directors is asked questions regarding the position of the CCCC with respect to the Charismatic Movement and particularly the matter of glossolalia.
The Conference as a body would find it difficult, because of our congregational structure, to make a definitive policy statement. However, the Board of Directors wishes to present this simple statement as a product of its thinking and with the desire that the “Unity of the body” be maintained.

It is our conviction that the plain teaching of the New Testament is that the more spectacular sign gifts, i.e., tongues, healings and miracles, needed some degree of order that would prevent their indiscriminate use (I Cor. 14:40). It appears that the Apostle Paul taught that the more spectacular gifts were secondary to those that instructed believers in faith and morals and that evangelized non-Christians (I Cor. 12:28-31). Tongue speaking was certainly not forbidden (I Cor. 14:39), but intelligent exposition of the Word of God, along with instruction in faith and duty was definitely superior.

Therefore, we desire that in the life of our Conference there be neither evangelism on behalf of the spectacular gifts nor forbidding thereof. So that there be no confusion relating to our position, we give the following examples:

a.    To use either the Annual Meeting or regional gatherings for the promoting of these spectacular gifts is not in order as it will engender division.
b.    To use either the Annual Meeting or regional gatherings as platforms to antagonize members by denouncing these gifts is also out of order.

“That there should be no schisms in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.” (I Cor. 12:25).

We respect those who hold to the view that the sign gifts were withdrawn when the canon of Scripture was closed. We also respect those who hold that these same gifts are still among us today. However, we are firm in our belief that messages received by means of these gifts are not equal to the revelation of God in Holy Scripture.

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