Unknown to us, EventBrite (our online registration service provider) recently introduced a feature (much like travel insurance) on our Annual Gathering registration form. This feature gives registrants the option of purchasing insurance to cover refunds should they need to cancel their reservation at a later date. Please be aware of the following details before purchasing this insurance:

  • The cost for the insurance is 6.5% of your total registration fee. Your ability to request a refund through this insurance program is based on certain terms and conditions that vary from state to state.Upon placing your order for the insurance, TicketGuard / Fanshield includes a map allowing you to click on your state of residence to view all the terms and conditions that apply. Once you review them, you have the option of canceling the insurance without cause for 72 hours from the moment of your purchase.
  • This is to alert you to 1) carefully read the fine print and 2) understand that neither EventBrite nor the CCCC will be involved in any way with the processing of refund requests through TicketGuard/Fanshield. We regret that this feature was added without our knowledge, but are confident that with this information registrants will be able to make an informed decision.

The CCCC Annual Gathering policy is to grant refunds for the total registration fee amount less $50. The non-refundable $50 will cover EventBrite and Electronic Funds Transfer Fees that accumulate for all activity. The fee is also is set at a level to discourage cancellations for minor causes. Nonetheless, the CCCC will honor all reasonable requests for refunds - acting on them as soon as they are received.

Thank You,
Tim Dubeau - CCCC Annual Gathering Coordinator