Annual Gathering Exhibitors Information and Application

Exhibitors are Invited!

We extend warm Christian greetings to all who may be interested in bringing an exhibit and/or placing a program booklet ad at our national CCCC Annual Gathering coming this summer, July 19-22, 2022 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick RI. We anticipate adult attendance to exceed 350 people from around the nation and abroad.

All exhibitors must be in agreement with the CCCC Exhibits policy (click here to view/download). All applications (whether for onsite exhibits and/or ads) will be reviewed by the CCCC Exhibits Coordinator.

All exhibits will be located in the hotel Grand Foyer, just off the Grand Ballroom where our main sessions will be held. Exhibits should be set up between 1-4pm on Tuesday, July 19 and must be removed no later than 2pm on Friday, July 22. 50 exhibit tables are available and will be assigned on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Additional information regarding shipping, etc will be sent to exhibitors upon approval of application. PLEASE NOTE: In order to provide the hotel staff with accurate information, CCCC staff, directors, officers and committee chairs must apply along with all others.

Exhibit Costs:
On-site exhibit includes one 6'skirted table, two chairs, wastebasket and one full adult AG registration

  • Colleges/businesses = $275 (must include one full Adult registration)
  • Missions/missionaries =$75 (must include one full Adult registration)
  • CCCC priorities/committees =n/c for table (must include one full Adult AG registration)

Information concerning hotel lodging is included on the CCCC website.  All conference attendees and exhibitors will be responsible for their own room reservations and meals that are not part of the Annual Gathering registration fee.

Application Deadline: May 27th.

Questions: contact:

Program Booklet Information

Thank you for interest in supporting the CCCC with the purchase of ad space in our Annual Gathering Program. Each registrant receives a copy of the program so your message will be viewed by 100% of the attendees of the Annual Gathering. Ads will be included on the final pages of the program booklet at the rates listed below. All ads are subject to CCCC exhibitor policy and guidelines. You can submit an ad even if you aren't able to be there in person. Submit camera-ready artwork or we will design your ad for you (additional charges may apply).

Sizes and Costs:

  • Full page: 8.5"x11" = $125
  • Half page: 5.5"x 8.5" = $100
  • Quarter page: 4.25"x 5.5" = $75.00

For more details download the CCCC ad information sheet.
It's easy to place and ad!


Exhibitor Application


  • What is the name of the mission/organization/school applying for exhibit space at the Annual Gathering?
  • Name and contact information (below) of the contact person applying for the organization.
  • Please note this will be our primary means to contact you.
  • Name of the person staffing exhibit if different than above. If multiple people will staff the exhibit, list additional person here.
  • The exhibit space is one 6’ table (w/skirting), two chairs and a wastebasket. Electricity is available upon request. Additional tables are available for additional fees. Costs: $275 for colleges/businesses (includes one conference registration); $75 (includes one conference registration) for mission organizations/missionaries. No charge for CCCC committees or ministries. Ad costs will be determined by size of the ad selected. Each on site exhibitor must register to be a full participant in the CCCC Annual Gathering at upon approval of exhibitor application. Costs for the exhibit tables (including quantity) and ads (determined by size) will be assessed on the exhibitor conference registration form.
  • Indicate yes or no
  • Any other information to make your participation with us as convenient as possible.
  • I have read and agree with the CCCC Exhibits policy.
  • We appreciate your support of the CCCC Annual Gathering. You will receive an email confirmation upon approval of your application with a link to the Exhibitors AG registration and payment portal. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH THE EXHIBITORS REGISTRATION LINK. Also note your registration is not complete until you have received confirmation from the Exhibits Coordinator, have registered for the AG and, your payment is processed. Please click the "SUBMIT" button below to complete this form.