Day Trips to Jenney Museum


400 years ago the first Congregational pioneers to America sailed on the Mayflower from Southampton, England to the New World. They settled in the shelter of a natural harbor in the town they named Plymouth.

We have partnered with the Jenney Museum, which is uniquely expert in telling the Christian story of the Mayflower Pilgrims, to provide us with a tour of Plymouth. This day-trip will especially help us to celebrate the Christian discipleship that was at the heart of who the Pilgrims were.

The cost of the trip is $50/person (transferable/non-refundable), which includes bus leaving from the Crowne Plaza, a box lunch, and the services of the Leo Martin, Local historian and tour guide, who will tell stories of struggles, survival and faith that set the cornerstones of our country.

Our time in Plymouth begins with the Forefathers’ Monument an oft-overlooked treasure featured in Kirk Cameron’s movie, Monumental. The tour will also include a trip to the waterfront (Plymouth Rock, and where the Mayflower II is docked), as well as the Jenney Museum which will deepen our understanding and appreciation of the brave souls who first came to establish a beachhead for the Kingdom of God.

30 travelers minumum required for each day. Trip cost refunded if trip cancelled.

Monday Itinerary
 9 am - Leave from the Crowne Plaza, Warwick
10 am - Arrive at Forefathers Monument: tour.
11 am - Waterfront Tour
12:15p.m - Lunch (provided) and Jenney Museum

1:15-2:30 - Gift Shop and Museum –

Options:Boarding Mayflower II, Grist Mill, Howland House or Sparrow House (add’l costs).

2:45pm - Depart Plymouth, MA
4:00pm - Arrive Warwick, RI

Friday Itinerary
12:30 pm - Leave from Crowne Plaza, Warwick RI
Box Lunch (provided)

1:30 pm - Arrive at Forefathers Monument: tour.
2: 30 pm - Waterfront Tour
3:30 pm - Jenney Museum
4:30 pm - Depart Plymouth, MA.

5:30 pm - Arrive Warwick, RI