The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is an island nation in the Central Pacific between Hawaii and the Philippines.  It is made up of about 600 tiny land masses housing about 120,000 people. The area occupied on the globe by FSM is nearly the size of the continental US with a land mass less than Rhode Island!  Two types of islands are found within FSM: volcantic cones with higher elevations like Pohnpei, Chuuk and Kosrae, and low coral atolls. The largest single island is the national capital, Pohnpei, which is 130 square miles. This area was evangelized in the 1850s by Congregational missionaries sent by the American Board of Foreign Missions. English is the official language of the nation and most of our teaching is done without translation.

The Micronesian Church
The Micronesian Island churches are lead by bi-vocational pastors who are appointed by their congregations and denominational councils.  However, the pastors rarely are given time or finances to obtain adequate training in teaching and preaching of scripture or leadership skills for shepherding a church. The island of Pohnpei alone has 34 Congregational churches with about 300 pastors and assistant pastors.  Of these 300, less than about five percent have Bible school training. These pastors are busy leading their churches and are also called on to do nearly all the training of future church leaders.  Micronesians have formed churches in Guam, Saipan, Hawaii and the U.S. Mainland where this pattern is repeated.

Morning Star Institute logoThe CCCC and Morning Star Institute
Pastors trained in the US with CCCC standing are needed to conduct Bible classes in cooperation with the Morning Star Institute (MSI).  The CCCC has been actively training leaders in FSM since the mid 1980s.  Currently we have about 70 graduates of a 30 course curriculum.  Each local leader who embraces a philosophy of ministry which is committed to the authority of scripture strengthens the local church and thus the body of Christ.  Each Bible study book placed in these eager hands enhances the work of the kingdom.

Please be praying for the Micronesia Ministry Committee as they focus on future involvement with more Micronesian churches within the U.S. Our goal is to connect with them and begin offering not only MSI classes but also the opportunity to join ranks with the CCCC.  If you’d like more information, or would like to financially support the Micronesian Leadership Development Fund, please contact the CCCC Office at (651) 739-1474. You may also Contact Us, please list Micronesia Ministries for the subject).  You may also donate online directly using your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card through the Giving menu tab.

MSI Instructor Scholarships
CCCC pastors who wish to go to Micronesia for a short-term commitment to teach MSI classes can apply for a scholarship with the CCCC Missions Committee. What a wonderful way to be a part of enriching the lives of our brothers and sisters in Micronesia!

For more information about MSI please contact Max Vague at rmavague@cox.net, call him at 760-529-9014.