Cornerstone Corps

… Building One Another Up

It happens sometimes… one of our member churches faces a major repair or other need they cannot meet on their own. As we share life and mission in our conference we want to be available with a helping hand. That’s what the Cornerstone Corps is all about.

The Cornerstone Corps is CCCC members who generously support the Cornerstone Fund so that grants can be made with “no strings attached” to member churches. Cornerstone Corps projects are selected through the Conference Growth committee and Cornerstone Corps members pledge to give (at least $10) to no more than two projects per year.

If you’d like to become a member of the CCCC Cornerstone Corps, please contact our office at (651) 739-1474, or use the Contact Us feature at the top of the page.

Cornerstone Corps donations may be made by check or online. Send your check clearly marked “Cornerstone” to the Home Office. To give online with a major credit card, go to “Online Giving” and select “Cornerstone Corps” in the “Apply this gift to:” drop down menu on the giving information page.

Thank you for faithfully and generously living out the shared life and mission of the CCCC! Love God, Love Others, and as we go, Make Disciples.

To download a pdf to print additional copies of the Cornerstone Corps pamphlet, click here: