Disaster Relief

Responding to Needs

Whether a natural disaster or other forms of relief work, the CCCC responds to such needs in various ways on the local, national and international levels.

World Relief Corporation – through our long-standing partnership with World Relief Corporation, the CCCC has been able to effectively join forces with Christian organizations from all over the world to bring much needed help and relief in times of need.  Floods, famine, refugees, tsunami and more — World Relief is there to care for the victims, bringing both the love and the gospel of Christ.

Conference Relief Fund – the CCCC also maintains a Conference Relief Fund that is designed to assist when one of our member churches experiences disaster.  The fund has provided help for churches that have burned, that have sustained serious damage from tornados, storms, flooding or other natural disasters. Click here to download the Cornerstone Corps pamphlet and latest Cornerstone Project information: 2020 Year End Cornerstone Corps Flyer.

Pastor’s Emergency Fund – finally, for the member pastor who has experienced a personal emergency (e.g., serious medical expenses), the CCCC maintains a Pastor’s Emergency Fund that provides a one-time gift to help with such circumstances.

If you’d like to support these endeavors, you can donate to any of these funds by clicking on the Online Giving tab on the menu above.  Thanks in advance for your help!