Church Multiplication

CCCC Church Multiplication: The Nineveh Network

Our Mission: To birth and develop healthy, reproducing churches by resourcing CCCC pastors and churches.

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We Are Acting on the Call of Jesus…

“Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: ‘God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.'” (Matthew 28:18-20, The Message).

“We are aware of the need for new churches throughout the world. But 70 percent of people in the United States have no meaningful church relationship. The harvest fields surround us. Many people will not be reached without new churches.”
— Bob Logan (Director of CoachNet, and a leading authority on church planting).

If you understand what Jesus is saying and want to step out in faith to join our movement of church multiplication, please contact Bryan Long, Director of Church Multiplication, email:, call at (651) 739-1474 or use the Contact Us feature on the top of the page.

We Are Committed To:

  • Recruit people who are called to develop new church ministries
  • Assess pastors to help them learn how they can effectively serve the Lord
  • Train pastors and church leaders in Church Multiplication
  • Coach new church developers
  • Develop reproducing churches

A Multiplication Movement

The Spirit of God is moving in the hearts of pastors and churches to develop a multiplication movement in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. God has given us a vision to bring the good news of salvation to many across our nation through the work of new churches focused on reaching their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastors and church leaders are growing in their understanding of missional ministry.

We are seeing young pastors step out in faith to serve as church planters. Many churches now understand that the most effective way to impact their community is to birth a new church from their church family. Pastors and churches in our regional fellowships are joining together to develop new church ministries in cities around them where there is opportunity and need. These are exciting times in the life of the CCCC!

For More Information

If you’d like more information about the Church Multiplication ministry of the CCCC, please contact us or call Bryan Long at: or call (651) 739-1474.