Church Development: Foundations of a Healthy Church

There are five foundational "behaviors" of a healthy church that the CCCC ministry of Church Development addresses.  If even one of these five are lacking (or missing altogether), the church's ability to function as God intended is seriously diminished.

  1. Intercessory prayer. We believe that no church can experience revitalization without it.  But because so few churches teach their members to pray today, we emphasize establishing a prayer movement within the congregation.
  2. Ministry outside the church building. In our growing Postmodern/Post-Christian society, it is becoming far more difficult to bring people into the church until they have firm relationships with those who already attend.  Therefore, it is imperative to take ministry out into the world where the people live that we are trying to reach.
  3. Evangelism. Like Philip and the Ethiopian, (Acts 8) we seek to be ready, listening and obedient to the Spirit's whisper so that we might be his instruments in introducing people to Jesus Christ.
  4. Discipleship.  More than walking through a curriculum, discipleship teaching and encouraging in intentional relationships that leads to transformation in Christ.  It takes time and a lot of commitment to one another, but we believe this kind of investment is what God requires.
  5. Worship. We seek worship that is fully centered on blessing and uplifting God and God alone, transcending personal tastes in music style, liturgy and tradition.

The work of Church Development focuses on all five of these area to ensure they are strong and formative in the congregation.