Video Resources

The following are free resources you may use to promote the CCCC, our ministries, and sharing our vision in your church. These resources are copyrighted and must be used without alteration unless previous written permission of the CCCC is requested.

Click here to view other video resources on our Vimeo page

“Looking Forward” December 2020 Message from Conference Minister

August 2020 Message from Conference Minister

2020 Annual Report Video Updates:
Click on the links or go to our Vimeo page to view reports recorded for the 2020 Annual Business Meeting

CCCC Y-Malawi Partnership
Click on the link to go the the CCCC Y-Malawi webpage for more information. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the video and bulletin insert.

Church Multiplication Videos
Anchor Ministries, The Cross, Turning Point Church video highlights of God’s work in CCCC church plants

Alive and Active in the 21st Century
One of our most recent videos outlines the priorities, pathway and values of the CCCC, this video looks into the life and ministry of our conference. A great tool to update congregations on the exciting things God is doing in our midst.

Who We Are
This 19-minute video provides an in-depth perspective on the CCCC, its theological convictions, its diversity, and its ministry and people. Many of our churches use this video as part of a “new members” class to introduce people to the CCCC for the first time. (Filmed in 2006, parts are dated, but the content is still relevant to introduce people to the CCCC.)

Connected in Christ, Changing Communities
Emphasizing our ministry together, as well as our convictions about church planting and revitalization, this 4-minute promotional video gives a quick look at the renewed vision of the CCCC.

Church Multiplication and the CCCC (Short Version)

Church Multiplication and the CCCC (Long Version)
God is doing incredible things in church planting all over America. The CCCC is on the cutting edge of this movement. See how!

Church Development: Rediscovering His Purpose
God is doing exciting things in existing churches throughout the CCCC family. Hear some testimonies of what happens when the LifeFlow Church Redevelopment process begins to bear fruit!

These video resources are also available on DVD from the Home Office at (651) 739-1474 .