2% Mission Challenge

We are asking all CCCC churches to prayerfully consider 2% of their operating budget as a starting point/goal for mission giving to the CCCC.


We are Connected in Christ…Changing Communities.  We are His followers, united together from a variety of rich traditions and backgrounds to bring His love and timeless truth to this generation— across the street and around the world!  Giving to the CCCC is not membership dues, but participation in the ministry of our fellowship, which is an extension of the mission of the local church­— to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

VISION BUDGET: A big step we know!

Our vision for ministry to our churches and pastors requires additional resources beyond the current budget of about $500,000.00. Additional funding would help the CCCC develop in these areas:

  • Regional Ministries—The ministry of the Conference has been most fruitful in the Northeast and North Central regions where we have had Regional Pastors. These Regional Pastors have assisted in the development of Community Pastor groups, cared for churches in times of transition and special needs, and represented the CCCC in meeting with interested pastors and churches. This ministry can be expanded as we develop full-time Regional Pastors in the Mideast and North Central areas, as well as the Northeast. We also want to have a part-time Regional pastor for the West regions. We envision every member church and pastor benefiting from the regular contact and encouragement of a Regional Pastor.
  • Ministry Priorities—Increased support of our ministry priorities of Church Development, Church Multiplication and Conference Care as they develop leadership to assist on a regional level.
  • Communication – Video resources telling the story of God’s work in the CCCC, an updated website to feature our ministry and enhance training, and expanded brochures promoting our ministry priorities.
  • Life-Changing Churches Fund – 10% of the General Fund giving would be designated to this fund to assist with churches in development and newly planted churches. 
  • CM Salary, expenses, and travel – Funding for our Conference Minister is included in our current budget.
  • Administration – Funding for home office and administrative staff.  Additional administrative staff will be added as the budget grows.
  • Support – Funding to support ministries that the CCCC participates in such as the National Association of Evangelicals, chaplaincy ministries, and the World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship.


Our Conference shares in the Financial Health Solutions program sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).  We now provide online training and resources to pastors and church leaders to help them discover the best financial practices for their personal lives and their church ministries. This will assist in developing a culture of financial health across the CCCC.

CCCC online Giving

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