Church Development

Healthy Churches
If ever there was a time when America and the world needed healthy, relevant, vibrant churches, it’s today! God desires His church to be at peace and passionate about touching lives with His grace. He desires churches that exemplify Jesus in the words that they preach and in the service that they render to the lost, the broken and the rejected— churches teach their members to apply Biblical knowledge so to change their lives, their relationships and their worldview.

The world will not be drawn to a church family that is marked by strife, unforgiveness, hypocrisy, and prayerlessness. Jesus came in grace and truth — and if we don’t demonstrate that to the world, the world will not be interested in what we say we have to offer. The power of the gospel must be real and evident in us first.

Multiplying God’s Kingdom
The advancement of God’s kingdom depends upon healthy churches. Healthy churches grow as people express faith in the risen Christ because of what He is doing through the church’s ministry.

They actively participate in establishing new families of faith wherever God leads. The CCCC is committed to planting new churches and to equipping and revitalizing existing churches.

To learn more about Church Development in the CCCC contact us or call John Kimball, Director of Church Development at 651-739-1474.