Conference Care

Our priority of Conference Care expresses our desire to offer encouragement, nurture, support and mentoring to pastors, missionaries, Christian workers and students, (Sacred Workers). We pray that this ministry will help our Conference members to deepen their own walk with Christ, to better relate to those close to and around them, and to be able to minister in Christ’s name in a Biblically, spiritually and emotionally healthy way. To that end, we offer the services of Conference Care:

Communities of Pastors: We are excited to be in the process of developing regional Communities of Pastors, where pastors can meet together for prayer, mutual encouragement and accountability. Several such groups have begun to meet in various locations throughout the Conference. We pray for this to continue and to expand, so that many more of our Sacred Workers might be offered this invaluable fellowship.

Ministerial Emergency Fund: Sacred Workers may face severe financial hardship for a variety of reasons – prolonged health issues for which insurance will not adequately provide, unusual and emergency expenses above and beyond normal budgetary/income limits, loss of employment and insufficient savings to carry them through to the next ministry position, and many others. While sometimes financial burdens are due to our own choices, material desires and attempts to live beyond our means, other times life just plain intervenes and our personal resources and reserves fall short. The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference has established a Ministerial Emergency Fund to help with situations of legitimate, emergency need.

Additional financial health resources and support are also available from our partnership in the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). Go to: Financial Health Solutions for more information.

Minister Under Care: There are times when Sacred Workers find themselves facing various problems, struggles, distresses, and/or conflicts – within the ministry they serve or in their families and homes. In those situations, the CCCC stands ready to offer Biblical counsel and Christian comfort, seeking to compassionately stand by and assist those in our fellowship dealing with difficult problems and issues. To that end, we offer our Minister Under Care program. The Minister Under Care program offers a pastor and their family the resources and support of the CCCC in coming to terms with all of the emotions and issues resulting from the difficult situations they face. The goal of the Minister Under Care program is healing, restoration and preparation for future life and ministry.

You can contact Rev. Peter Wood, Director of Conference Care, at his office, about any of these ministries, or if you just need someone to pray with you.

Peter Wood,
Director of Conference Care
Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
651-739-1474, (ext. 108)