Code of Ethics for Churches

The Christian Church is the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ which He desires to be “a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.” (Eph.5:27) In as much as every local church is an expression of the whole Body it is need­ful for her to be committed to vigilance in all of her relationships:

In Relationship to Christ— Believing that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church…

  • We will honor and exalt Him in all of our relationships and ministries. We will keep ourselves free from all policies and practices which might tend to mar the beauty of the Bride of Christ.

In Relationship to Fellow-Members— Believing that the local church is an expression of the family of God…

  • We will promote unity among the members of the congregation, resisting all jealousy, rivalry, self-seeking and division which would disturb that unity.
  • We will “… make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” (Romans 14:19)

In Relationship to Other Churches— Believing that the Church is a universal body…

  • We will attempt to maintain honorable relationships with other churches in the community.

In Relationship to the Community— Believing that the witness of the church in the community affects the ministry of that church to the community and reflects on Christ, the Head of the Church…

  • We will endeavor to keep our dealings with agencies, businesses and individuals in the community honest and above reproach.

In Relationship to the Conference— Believing that our membership in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference is not only a privilege but also involves responsibility…

  • We will fulfill our fellowship, ministry and financial obligations to the Conference to the best of our ability by participation in national and regional activities, by contribution to the Conference budget, and by other means as time and resources present.
  • We will uphold the doctrines and principles of the Conference.

In Relationship to the Pastor and Other leaders of the Church—Believing that the pastor and other spiritual leaders are shepherds of Christ’s flock…

  • We will love, honor and submit to them as they, by example and word, watch over our souls preaching the Word to correct, rebuke, encourage, and to carefully instruct (2 Tim 4:2).
  • We will support the pastor financially so that they will be able to meet their obligations without bringing reproach upon themselves or the church.
  • We will not allow anything among us that would undermine our spiritual leaders or rob them of the confidence of the church and the community.
  • We will endeavor to respond to all criticism dealing with the pastor, other spiritual leaders, or their families in an honorable manner, not tolerating subversive or clandestine meetings.
  • Whenever legitimate criticism or charges against anyone arise, we will follow Scriptural direction for church discipline, always with a desire for reconciliation and restoration and always making use of the cloak of love.

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