Statement Regarding Ministerial Standing of Women

The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference affirms certain doctrines and principles as basic to its existence and, therefore, non-negotiable in its practice. Among these are its commitment to the full Divine inspiration and authority of the Bible; the autonomous polity of our local churches; and the importance of maintaining unity without denying diversity. Each of these three affirmations has been considered as vital to our position with regard to the ministerial standing of women in our Conference.
A significant amount of study has been done by evangelicals on this subject in recent years. It appears evident to us that Christians, equally committed to the authority of Holy Scripture, may disagree on whether or not the Scriptures allow for the ordination of women. We recognize that some defenders of women’s ordination do so upon principles which sacrifice Biblical authority. We in no way support such efforts. We affirm that persons who are firmly committed to the authority of God’s Word, though they differ in their interpretations of the Word on this subject, are welcome to hold their convictions with clear conscience within our fellowship.
No church, within our Conference, is required to teach and practice a viewpoint, with regard to ordaining women, which is against the conviction of that particular assembly. Each congregation ordains whom it freely chooses, thus preserving its own autonomy. Whoever is duly ordained in a local church, whether male or female, may apply to the CCCC Credentials Committee and, if qualified, be recognized as ordained. This should not be understood as Conference approval nor disapproval of the ordination of women, but rather as recognition of the conscientious action of an autonomous congregation.
We urge, in this issue as in others, that members of the Conference relate to one another in a spirit of love and unity. Members are not asked to compromise their own convictions, but are asked to respect the right of others, who are also devoted to the Head of the Church and to His Word, to hold their own convictions as well.

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