The CCCC Vision

“Connected In Christ, Changing Communities”

Our Historic Aim

Throughout our 60 years as a Conference of ministers and churches our aim has been to honor Jesus Christ together! We have stood and will always stand on the secure foundation of shared faith in God’s Holy Word. We agree with one another on all of the core tenets of our historic Christian faith as expressed in our Statement of Faith, and we practice Congregational polity under the Headship of Jesus Christ in our various local churches. Our reason for being is much more than affirming shared conviction, it is about being a family of ministers and churches, coming alongside one another like families do — praying, encouraging, and helping one another to fulfill the purpose God has for us within our respective communities. We accomplish far more together for the glory of God than any of us ever could in isolation.

History of the CCCC Vision Statement

As a fellowship of ministers and churches, we share a vision to “Honor Jesus Christ Together.” We discerned that we must prayerfully work together for healthy pastors, healthy churches, and to plant healthy churches. These insights led us to emphases on Church Development, Church Multiplication, and Conference Care.

To target these specific needs new national ministry staff positions were added in January 2007 – Director of Conference Care and Church Redevelopment, and Director of Church Multiplication. In the fall of 2007 CCCC ministry leaders met for a day of prayer and visioning, led by a gifted leadership consultant. The goal was to articulate a concise identity statement that communicates who we are a Conference and what we intend as God’s instruments within each of our local settings. Our aim was to launch a Vision Campaign within the CCCC, increasing our shared identity in Christ, and our shared commitment to impact our respective communities for Christ, changing one life at a time.

Our CCCC Vision Statement is:

“Connected in Christ, Changing Communities”

“We are His people, united together from a variety of rich traditions and backgrounds, bringing His love and Timeless Truth to this generation, across the street and around the world.”

The CCCC is Honoring Jesus Christ Together by developing healthy pastors and healthy churches, thus advancing the cause of Christ in our respective communities. Together, we are working to grow a church multiplication movement that will bring countless lives to Christ, changing many more communities for Him!

If this vision resonates with you, whether you are a pastor, a potential church planter, or a layperson, we would love the opportunity to talk with you more! Use the Contact Us feature at the top of the page and let us know of your interest!