Annual Gathering Workshops

AG2016 Carlsbad Workshop Presenters and Topics
Bobbie Sargent The Importance of Retreat in the Advance of His Kingdom
Christopher Johnson Love like George Bailey: Practical Ways to Love Your Geographic Community
Church Development Team Church Development Q & A
Dan Pryor & Jorge Hrebien Growing One Church in a Multi-Lingual Community
Dave Balicki The Biblically-Correct Approach to Engaging Your Harvest Field
Dean Walker & Ed Rinehart Understanding the Fullness of your True Identity in God to Impact the Kingdom of God!
Jeremy Peters Media as Ministry
Jeremy Peters Media: Branding and Conceptualization
 Jon Paul and Dan Schauer Finding Your Fit and Flourish in Ministry
Karen Sloat The Best Governing Documents, Contracts, and Policies to Protect Ministries
Karen Sloat Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training for Ministries:
“It Couldn’t Happen Here!”
Lenn and Janeen Zeller Marriage Matters in Ministry
Nick Granitsas Introduction to the CCCC
Phil Corr The Field is the World: “The First Thirty Years of the Congregational Mission Board
Phil Corr Titus Coan: Apostle to the Sandwich Isles
 Raafat Mashraki & Tim and Mary Lou Tiner Question and Answer Session about Ministering to Muslims
Rob O’Neal What Churches Can Learn from Church Planting
Sharon Galloway and Shirley DuBeau Healthy and Whole
Sharon Galloway and Shirley DuBeau Turn up for Tea
Stephen Sloat Developing Better Bible Study Skills
Susan Moody Why So Downcast O my Soul?
Susan Moody Warriors Not Worriers
Tim and Mary Lou Tiner Igniting a New Passion for Global Multiplication
Tom Harris Interim Time is Harvest Time! The Strategic and Fulfilling Ministry of the Interim Pastor