Annual Gathering Locations

One of the greatest blessings of our ministry together is our Annual Gathering.  It’s far more than a business meeting— it’s a time of wonderful fellowship, great encouragement, training for ministry, and awe-inspiring testimonies of what God is doing through out our Conference.

The 2020 Annual Gathering will be held July 21-24, 2020, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, Rhode Island.


Annual Gathering Information

2019 Wenham, MA Gordon College
2017 Pittsburgh/Cranberry Township, PA Pittsburgh Marriot North
2016 Carlsbad, CA Carlsbad Community Church
2015 Rochester, NY Hyatt Regency Hotel
2014 Providence, RI Crowne Plaza Hotel-Warwick
2013 St Paul, MN Crowne Plaza Hotel-Riverfront
2012 Colorado Springs, CO Double Tree Hotel
2011 Cleveland, OH Crowne Plaza City Centre and Conference (Moved to alternate location)
2010  Springfield, MA Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center
2009  Waterloo, IA Ramada Inn Hotel and Convention Center
2008  Buffalo, NY Adam’s Mark Hotel Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center
2007  Anaheim, CA Crowne Plaza Anaheim Premier Hotel and Conference Center
2006  St Cloud, MN Best Western Kelly In and St Cloud Convention Center
2005  Harrisburg, PA Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention Center
2004  Sioux Falls, SD Sheraton Sioux Falls Hotel and Convention Center
2003  Virginia Beach, VA Founders Inn and Conference Center
2002  Lansing, MI Holiday Inn Motel and Conference Center
2001 Spokane, WA Double Tree Hotel
2000 Green Lake, WI Green Lake Conference Center
1999 Sturbridge, MA Sturbridge Conference Center
1998 Minneapolis, MN Regal Minneapolis Hotel
1997 Greely, CO University of Northern Colorado
1996 Dayton, OH University of Dayton
1995 Tulsa, OK Adam’s Mark Hotel
1994 San Diego, CA Town and Country Hotel and Conference Center
1993 Rochester, MN Kahler Hotel
1992 Wenham, MA Gordon College
1991 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College
1990 Estes Park, CO YMCA of the Rockies
1989 Wheaton, IL Wheaton College
1988 Houghton, NY Houghton College
1987 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College
1986 San Diego, CA Point Loma College
1985 Green Lake, WI Green Lake Conference Center
1984 Wenham, MA Gordon College
1983 St Paul, MN Bethel College
1982 Estes Park, CO YMCA of the Rockies
1981 Superior, WI University of Wisconsin
1980 Waterloo, ON University of Waterloo
1979 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College
1978 San Diego, CA Point Loma College
1977 Ripon, WI Ripon College
1976 Cape May, NJ Cape May Bible College
1975 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College
1974 Portland, OR Multnomah School of the Bible
1973 St Paul, MN Northwestern College
1972 Wenham, MA Gordon College
1971 Wheaton, IL Wheaton College
1970 Vista, CA Community Church of Vista
1969 Wheaton, IL The College Church
1968 Boston, MA Park Street Church
1967 Buffalo Center, IA First Congregational Church
1966 Pasadena, CA Lake Avenue Congregational Church
1965 Scotia, NY East Glenville Community Church
1964 Mobridge, SD Conservative Congregational Church
1963 Lima, OH Calvary Church, Conservative Congregational
1962 Oshkosh, WI Plymouth Congregational Church
1961 Carlisle, MA Carlisle Congregational Church
1960 North Collins, NY First Congregational Church
1959 Argos, IN Argos Congregational Christian Church
1958 Portland, OR Staub Memorial Congregational Church
1957 West Willamsfield, OH West Williamsfield Congregational Church
1956 St Paul, MN University Ave Congregational Church
1955 Oshkosh, WI Plymouth Congregational Church
1954 Chicago, IL Central Park Congregational Church
1953 Wheaton, IL College Church of Christ
1952 Chicago, IL Salem Evangelical Free Church
1951 No Meeting
1950 Milwaukee, WI Finnish Lutheran Congregational Church
1949 Chicago, IL Central Park Congregational Church
1948 Chicago, IL North Shore Church