Our Seven Guiding Values

The Conference Leadership perceives that the direction that the Lord is leading the CCCC is consistent with the historic vision and priorities of the Conference. This work flows from the teaching of Scripture and is rooted in the local church.  We believe that the Lord is now leading us to join together to do His work in this generation with the same conviction and courage that has characterized the CCCC for over 60 years.

There is a Spirit-driven move happening across the United States that is slowly realigning most Evangelical denominations with God’’s heart mission to effectively reach all peoples with the love and the gospel of Christ. Such a move of God is both critical and refreshing given the current spiritual state in which we live.  The American Church Research Project’’s David Olson concludes that there is a crisis facing the American Church.(1)  North America is the only continent on the earth where Christianity is not experiencing at least some net growth.  In fact, the number of new churches being established is not keeping pace with the decline, let alone impacting the annual population increase America experiences each year.

We are committed to respond by aligning the ministry of the Conference with our God-given mission.  We have discerned that the Holy Spirit has confirmed for us seven key ““values”” that provide the needed focus for the CCCC to faithfully and obediently walk with God into the preferred future He has for us.

(1) David T. Olson, The American Church In Crisis: Groundbreaking Research Based on a National Database of over 200,000 Churches (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2008).

These Seven Guiding Values were affirmed by the CCCC Board of Directors in February 2012.