CCCC Chaplaincy Services

The call of the Chaplain is similar to God’s calling to local church ministry. Chaplains are called to preach, teach, pastor, counsel, lead, pray, and proclaim the Gospel.  Every Chaplain must be a person called to ministry, with appropriate training and experience in Pastoral ministry.  However, the Chaplain is called to minister within a diverse, non-traditional, unique subculture.  Chaplains enter a secular environment full of men, women and families from varied religious and secular backgrounds.  No matter where the people served are coming from, they perceive the Chaplain as their Pastor.  Chaplains are called to nurture the living, care for the dying, and honor the dead.  To minister within an institutional setting as a representative of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference is both a challenge and a privilege.

To obtain CCCC Chaplain endorsement (military or civilian), applicants must first have been granted Ordained Ministerial Standing by the CCCC Credentials Committee, and must be members of the CCCC in good standing.
(Click here for Application for Ministerial Standing with the CCCC)

Applicants for Military Chaplaincy Endorsement  who meet the prerequisite of CCCC Ordained Ministerial Credentials will undergo a personal interview with a CCCC military chaplain (Active Duty, Reserve, or Retired), or a non-CCCC evangelical chaplain approved by the CCCC Chaplain Endorser. Applicants for Civilian Chaplaincy Endorsement who meet the prerequisites of CCCC Ordained Ministerial Credentials will undergo a phone interview or personal interview with the CCCC Chaplain Endorser or with a Chaplain approved by the CCCC Chaplain Endorser.