Institutional/Healthcare Chaplaincies

CCCC specific requirements for approval and endorsement for hospital/healthcare chaplaincy:

  • The applicant must have successfully completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), or the equivalent in clinical training and experience.
  • Licensed or Ordained clergy status in good standing with the CCCC.
  • In agreement and compliance with the CCCC ministerial code of ethics.


Additionally the chaplain candidate must provide a letter of recommendation from a CCCC chaplain addressing the following:

  • Evidence the Chaplain is able to minister as an evangelical in a diverse/pluralistic healthcare environment.
  • Evidence the Chaplain is capable of adjusting to the unique ministry challenges of the healthcare chaplaincy, able to work within the institution without compromise of personal convictions and the doctrines and practice of the CCCC.
  • Evidence the Chaplain is able to appropriately relate to patients and their families, healthcare personnel and their family members and all others within the scope of the Chaplain’s ministerial area of responsibility.