Church Development: The Life Flow Process

The CCCC Church Development ministry's "Life-Flow" process helps local churches become healthy and reproducing. We emphasize that this is a process that will become an ongoing part of the function of each local body rather than a program of tasks to be completed. The Life Flow process is unique for each local church.

The following lists aspects of the Life Flow process:

  • Assessing the church’s current state
  • Addressing issues of dysfunction and conflict
  • Fostering biblical confession & forgiveness
  • Building a foundation of intercessory prayer
  • Rediscovering God’s perspective on “Church”
  • Connecting with the local community in a highly relevant way
  • Discovering spiritual gifts within the body
  • Identifying and developing spiritual leadership
  • Articulating a fresh, unique, biblical vision
  • Strategizing to make that vision a reality
  • Addressing structures in the church that impede fruit and growth
  • Aligning people to carry out God’s plan for the church
  • Partnering with other like-minded churches for kingdom fruit
  • Multiplying believers & leaders
  • Multiplying churches
  • Mentoring sister churches for a greater harvest

For more information, please contact us or call Dr. John Kimball, Director of Church Development at (651) 739-1474.