Interim Ministries

We are excited about our growing partnerships with two interim ministry organizations.  We have member ministers working in partnership with both of these:

InterimNetworkLogo copyInterim Ministry Network (IMN) - For 26 years, the Interim Ministry Network has dedicated itself to the health and wellness of church congregations. The wellness of churches is influenced by three kinds of learned leadership skills - prevention of unhealthy practices before they take root, maintenance of congregational health during times of stress or change and restorative care when it is required.

The Interim Ministry Network has one of the most comprehensive training programs available for pastors pursuing transitional ministry.

Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM)IMP-logo seeks to assist the local church grow in health. They exist to be of service to Christ and His church by helping the local church develop the foundation for an increasingly effective ministry.

The IPM staff member guides the church in a comprehensive self-study initiative focusing on the following five key Transitional Tasks (also known as Developmental Tasks).

The Five Transitional Tasks:

  • Coming to terms with history – reviewing the history of the local church
  • Examining leadership and organizational needs
  • Strengthening denominational and external relationships
  • Discovering who you are as a church – examining your identity
  • Looking to the future – a commitment to new pastoral leadership and the future

Visit their website for more information.