Placement Services

The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference placement services are handled through the central office in Lake Elmo, MN.  While our member pastors and churches may also seek placement outside of the Conference, it is in the best interest of both the church and pastoral candidate to use the CCCC placement process to best ensure a healthy and fruitful pastor-parish relationship.


Church Information-Form– Local churches seeking a CCCC-member pastor are requested to submit a Church Information Form.  This form will allow us to more accurately match the congregations with potential candidates with respect to doctrine, ministry practice, and geographic location.

  • Transitioning Your Church: Guiding Church Leaders, Search Committees and Transition Teams through the Challenges of a Season of Pastoral Change (©2008 CCCC) – is designed to provide guidance to local congregations in the pastoral search process, and to help maintain a healthy ministry in the transitional period between pastors.  Topics include interim pastor options, staff salary considerations, and addressing conflict and dysfunction before calling the new pastor.  This resource is available for purchase at Next Step Resources.
  • Church Ministry Assessment Profile – The CCCC highly recommends that local churches in transition request a Church Ministry Assessment Profile.  This profile not only identifies specific steps churches can take to improve ministry to its membership and community, but will also assist church leaders to address conflict and other problems before calling the next permanent pastor.

Interim Pastor Ministry – There are essentially three pastoral options for the time between permanent pastors:

  • A “Temporary” Pastor –  covers Sunday morning ministry, weddings and funerals. This option is the least expensive, but may also cause the church to lose serious ministry momentum while seeking a new permanent pastor because daily ministry leadership is missing.  For this reason, we generally recommend against this option.
  • A “Transitional” Pastor – for congregations that are relatively healthy and at peace, this option provides a regular pastor who can continue the needed ministry, and can also assist the search committee to find a permanent pastor.
  • A “Transformational” Pastor – where there has been a forced pastoral exit, conflict, dysfunction, or other congregational wounds, we recommend an extended season of specialized ministry with an Intentional Interim Pastor. This pastor is trained to lead the congregation to address problems so that the church is regains health before calling their next permanent pastor.

The CCCC can provide important guidance for interim ministry.


Pastor Information-Form – Pastors seeking a CCCC-member church are requested to submit a Pastor Information Form.  This form will allow us to more accurately match the candidate with potential congregations with respect to doctrine, ministry practice, and geographic location.

Pastoral Standing (Membership) The CCCC does not recommend any pastor to our churches who does not have credentialed standing with us.  Any pastor seeking placement within the CCCC must first contact the placement office for instructions for obtaining CCCC membership.  The CCCC accepts dual standing in many cases, meaning that a pastor may not need to give up current standing with another denomination or ordaining body.

Pastoral Ministry Assessment Profile – The CCCC highly recommends all pastors in transition request a Pastoral Ministry Assessment Profile.  This profile looks at critical areas in personality, spiritual-giftedness, calling, and leadership style to help the candidate identify a ministry where his or her ministry will flourish.  This Assessment Profile is required for consideration in Church Multiplication and/or Church Development ministry within the Conference. Please contact the Home Office for more information.

For more information about placement services, to seek credentials in the CCCC, or if you have additional questions, please contact our Director of Placement, Dr. Ron Hamilton, at (651) 739-1474 or use the Contact Us feature at the top of the page.